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Monday, January 10, 2011

Powerpoint Slides on an iPad

The question has been asked if one can present a powerpoint presentation on an iPad?  Well the answer is no ... and yes!  No, in it's native form, sending even a publication powerpoint slide (able to present it on a pc without Microsoft Office being installed) will only result in a screen-by-screen photo display of the slides.  There will be no screen-to-screen switching, no sound, etc.

BUT, if you install "Keynote" for the iPad, then you can not only present powerpoint slide presentations, but you can "create" them too!  ... ON the iPad!!

Watch this video presentation and learn more ...

Keynote is available on the iTunes store for the iPad for only: 


Keynote, the powerful presentation application for Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad. It makes creating a world-class presentation, complete with animated charts and transitions, as simple as touching and tapping.

If you have powerpoint slides that have been designed in Microsoft Windows, these can be read and presented by keynote but the sounds, if a part of your presentation, will not come with the slideshow.  In order to make sounds work with keynote you have to, using a Mac PC or notebook, go to 'inspector' then select 'document'.  There, you must go to the 'audio' selection and select your soundtrack using 'finder' or √≠Tunes', depending on your source of music.  Once you have selected the track you want to play, you drag it to the selection area.  Then you choose whether you want it to play it once through, or repeatedly throughout the presentation.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

IT Networking's "New Look"!

Yes, we've got a "new look"!  We're more streamlined, with easier to find information for the curious ...

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